Click here to see Great Lakes's tide … Do the Great Lakes have tides? Tide Times are AKDT (UTC -8.0hrs). June and July Tide charts for Lake Bay: The tide charts below show the height, time and date of high and low tides for the next 30 days. But this change is really tiny- only 4-5cm in height during the largest tide. The same happens in the Great Lakes, although the largest tides in the Great Lakes are only about 5 cm and are mostly impacted by precipitation, evaporation and runoff. Lake Michigan Operational Forecast System (LMOFS) - Retired A new FVCOM-based Lake Michigan and Huron Operational Forecast System (LMHOFS) is operational since 07/23/2019. Lake Michigan Operational Forecast System (LMOFS) - Retired A new FVCOM-based Lake Michigan and Huron Operational Forecast System (LMHOFS) is operational since 07/23/2019. On seacoasts, where the basin stretches halfway across the globe, tides range about 6 to 10 feet. How much tides range depends partly on the size, depth and slope of the water’s basin. This height change is so minor, that they are often outdone by other fluctuations in water levels that are caused by the weather. Compare that to Lake Michigan, where tides range just a few inches!

The tide is currently falling in Great Lakes. These can be set into motion by changes in atmospheric pressure. People sometimes say that they have also seen tides in lakes, but there is an explanation behind that. Lake Michigan and the other Great Lakes are considered to be essentially nontidal. Michigan Sea Grant and Michigan State University Extension often receive questions from the public about the existence of tides on the Great Lakes. Indeed, tides exist in all bodies of water, even one's bathtub, but is so infinitesmally small, as to be unmeasurable. Studies indicate that the Great Lakes spring tide, the largest tides caused by the combined forces of the sun and moon, is less than five centimeters in height. True tides—changes in water level caused by the gravitational forces of the sun and moon—do occur in a semi-diurnal (twice daily) pattern on the Great Lakes. But I’ve Definitely Seen a Tide in a Lake! In reality, they are standing waves, or seiches, which cause the water to slosh back and forth.

Last Spring High Tide at Lake Bay was on Mon 22 Jun (height: 5.15m 16.9ft). Print Tide Table. Another important difference in today's setup locally is a shortwave currently over northern lower Michigan that will drop across Lake Huron and SE Michigan during the late morning to afternoon hours.

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