Although there was no wind, it was freezing cold outside and inside the tent. • Precipitation is low in both biomes, but evaporation is much higher in the hot desert than in the cold desert.

Deserts can be hot or cold. Like other types of desert, cold deserts get very little rain or snow. • Hot deserts are found in many tropical places of the world while cold deserts are found towards the Polar Regions or on mountains. The sound of the wind blowing in my ears drowns out all other audible impulses. But this giant hole of fire in the heart of the Karakum Desert is not the aftermath of an attack on Earth, launched from outer space. We stopped in a small desert town to buy some fresh food for meals. Cycling through the Karakum desert in Turkmenistan on a five day transit visa. We have gotten too spoiled from 10 nights in a row of hotels. We spent a good part of the day driving thru the Karakum (or Garagum) desert. Humans also dwell in desert areas. The humid early spring allows the extensive growth of ephemeral plants-the main animal fodder-while in the barchan dune areas the classic vegetation consists of grasses, the wormwood shrub, and trees of the species Ammodendron conollyi. Flora The vegetation in the desert is quite diverse, consisting mainly of grass, small shrubs, bushes, and trees.

The region is no stranger to desert climates, as just northeast of the Karakum desert is the Kyzyl Kum. But the desert climate is marked by long, hot, and dry summers and unpredictable, cold winters. Looking around, I’m surrounded by an arid landscape populated by low shrubs and the occasional dust devil blown up by the wind. The Karakum Desert. Cold deserts have hot summers but extremely cold winters.

Desert flora and fauna have special adaptations that help them survive the harsh environment. These deserts are found in high, flat areas, called plateaus, or mountainous areas in temperate regions of the world. Traditionally, they have led nomadic lives.

Most deserts are quite barren as the dry conditions are too hostile to most plant and animal life. Temperate regions lie between the polar regions and the tropics. The shrinking Aral Sea lies to the north of the desert, expanding the desert’s size by what is called the Aral Karakum, a desert in Kazakhstan that has formed on the former seabed. Karakum Desert. Posted on July 13, 2018 by Floris.

• Both places are dry, but temperatures vary in the two as the names suggest, hot and cold. Once covered by the sea, today the area is characterized by long hot dry summers where the temperature can range from 79°F near the Caspian Sea, ( the largest enclosed inland body of water ) to a high of 93°F, in the interior. Situated in Central Asia, the sparsely populated 350,000 wide Karakum Desert makes up about 80-90% of the Republic of Turkmenistan.

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